Unite behind accountability

Letters to the Editor

Published January 7, 2017 in The Akron Beacon Journal

Trump supporters should help those of us who are not fluent in Trumpese. Many letters and op-eds claim to differentiate the literal from the hype in the president-elect’s Tweets and speeches.

"Doyle McManus wrote that we should give Trump a chance to normalize himself (“ ‘Normalize’ Trump,” Dec. 23). The learning curve is high. It does not mean giving Trump a break but subjecting him to tough scrutiny, holding him to high standards and judging him against his own promises. In other words, treating him like a normal president.

Our best hope is in Trump supporters joining with skeptics to hold him accountable in his governance of all Americans and our representation in the world. Together, let us discern if he has real understanding of average working people struggling to pay their bills and empathy for those unable to afford escalating health care costs.

Do we conduct ourselves diplomatically as a world power? It is up to us to make Trump a great president by holding his feet to the fire. For the time being, we are still a democracy; the power is in the people. Leaders come and go.

Pat Simons, Hudson