Hard-hatted hypocrisy

Letters to the Editor

Published Sept. 5, 2016 in the Akron Beacon Journal

Recent ads for Rob Portman show him in the usual hard hat that politicians use to show how much they support labor. What hypocrisy, as the ads were paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This business group is behind most of the right-to-work laws in the country, and is no friend of labor.

Other ads say that former Gov. Ted Stickland lost 350,000 Ohio jobs, not mentioning that every governor lost jobs starting during George Bush’s Great Recession. And who was the budget adviser to George Bush? That would be Rob Portman.

Ads also discuss Portman’s concern over the heroin epidemic, but Portman in December voted against an omnibus spending bill that would fund his programs because it would raise the deficit.

Portman calls himself a “common-sense conservative,” and then he endorsed Donald Trump. Does he place party above country or just try to be on all sides of all the issues to save one person’s job, his?

Sara Taylor, Akron