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Inclusive Prosperity

Inclusive Prosperity Issues Team Position Statement

Approved by the General Membership on May 12th, 2015

SCPD supports government policies that promote and improve inclusive prosperity. Simply put, there are five broad tests by which to judge such policies:

  1. Everyone who works hard should share equitably in the gains from economic growth, not just the wealthiest.
  2. Full time jobs should provide living wages so that government is not subsidizing high salaries, bonuses, profits, and dividends at the expense of taxpayers.
  3. Working conditions that are
  4. Full employment is a priority, with emphasis on increasing jobs for all populations suffering from barriers to employment.
  5. Economic policies that are family friendly should also be prioritized.

All levels of government should support inclusive prosperity.

Policies that support inclusive prosperity, by way of illustration, include:

  1. raising the minimum wage; increasing the earned income tax credit
  2. not raising Federal interest rates until wages are increasing
  3. funding jobs programs and infrastructure investment, not just training
  4. improving employee ownership and profit sharing incentives for all workers
  5. providing for greater health care, child care, and overtime benefits; creating stable scheduling
  6. trade policies that protect the interests of American workers