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Higher Education

Proposed Position Statement for a Proposed SCPD Issue Team on Ohio Higher Education

Approved by the Issues Committee December 29, 2015
Approved by the Board of Directors January 5, 2016
Approved by the General Membership January 12, 2016

The greatest investment an advanced society can make for itself is the education of its citizens.  Every Ohioan should have easy access to quality higher education; money should never bar anyone from becoming a better-educated individual.

Public Universities
Public universities should at least be affordable, ideally free.  Debt will cripple generations so long as we continue high tuitions.

Student Loan Debt
All students should have access to low cost student loans. All Ohioans should be able to refinance their student loans to an affordable rate. Student loans should be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

All institutions of higher education in the State of Ohio should be held to a high standard in the treatment of their students.

Faculty should be treated as the foundation of higher education.  All Ohio universities should have unions for both full and part-time faculty and staff. All public universities in the State or Ohio should have one seat on the board of trustees dedicated for a faculty member, who will have all rights and responsibilities of other trustees.

First Amendment and Academic Freedom
Students and faculty should enjoy full protection of First Amendment rights and Academic Freedom.