Ohio State Budget

Ohio House of Representatives

SCPD supports legislation which works to achieve a fiscally responsible state budget through fair and equitable tax policy which produces the revenue needed for public services and investments that support our economic success and maintains our quality of life.

The state operating budget is funded primarily by internal sources (state taxes and fees) and external sources (federal funds).  The General Revenue Fund (GRF) is primarily funded from internal sources and is controlled by state decision makers.

SCPD’s State Budget Issues Team will work towards identifying, reviewing and determining the effects of any recommended changes to:

  • Annual revenue (state taxes/fees/sale of public assets) collections by businesses and individuals
  • Tax expenditures (allowing exemptions, deductions, or credits to select groups or specific activities)
  • State’s spending on vital societal needs including education, health, housing, income & work support, public safety, public transportation & highway safety, and environment

Our goal is to ensure a high quality of life for all Ohio residents and a business environment that fosters sustained growth, job opportunity and prosperity.