Military Intervention

Military intervention

SCPD-PAC strongly encourages the use of diplomatic and economic means to
prevent armed conflict and to seek a just peace among nations. The following
principles will guide our position on future military actions:

●   We oppose the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive military action.

●   We support efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution of potential conflict.

●   We support efforts to enlist international participation and approval in the
     negotiation process.

●   All armed personnel, whether military or private contractors, must abide by the Geneva
     Convention and be held accountable to the U. S. justice system.

●   The cost of military actions must be included in the U. S. budget.

Realizing that most armed conflicts come about as a result of long-standing
injustices and differences, we encourage the US government to develop and
practice policies to foster a climate of justice and peace.