Food Policy

Inasmuch as we all eat, we are all impacted by food policy and agricultural practices.  Food systems have national and global consequences for the health of all sentient beings.  Therefore, the Summit County Progressive Democrats Food Issues Team advocates for the following:


  • environment: evidence-based agricultural methods that demonstrate sustainability with regard to land and water usage and quality.
  • social justice: food systems that promote equitable access to nutritious food and just treatment of food production laborers and producers.
  • agriculture: evidence-based policies that promote sustainable, responsible, and accountable farming.
  • food safety and nutrition: an accountable USDA and other government agencies that promote and protect food safety, as well as access to good food and wholesome nutrition for all.
  • animal welfare: we support humane livestock practices while opposing legislation that blocks the revelation of cruelty to livestock in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and slaughterhouses.
  • food choices: we support policies that encourage and facilitate making informed food choices that support all of the above values.