About Us

Please click below for a video introduction to Summit County Progressive Democrats.  As you’ll see, we’re proud of our organization and would love to have you join us.

Watch our video “Summit County Progressive Democrats – Campaign Support” by clicking here.

Our monthly meetings and public programs educate our membership and the general public In several ways.  We invite elected officials to meet and address our members at our monthly meetings and answer questions from the attendees.  We invite knowledgeable speakers to inform us about issues of importance to progressives.  We provide programs, such as candidate forums, issues forums, and movies.


Twenty-six of our members serve as Democratic precinct committee people focused on building an infrastructure of citizens who will actively distribute information about candidates and issues and get out the vote in their neighborhoods.

We register voters and educate them on their voting rights.

We meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Main Akron Public Library at 60 South High Street, in meeting room two. The meetings begin at 6:30 PM. Click here for map.
For more information, contact:  president@summitprogdems.org.

Our Principles

As members of the Summit County Progressive Democrats we believe in:

  • a government of, by and for the people of the United States
  • the immutability of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the freedoms, rights and protections they convey to the American people
  • equal economic opportunity for all people of the United States and an equitable distribution of nation’s wealth
  • recognition of the responsibility of American society to assist those citizens who cannot or can no longer provide for themselves
  • a respect for the environment and the responsibility for its stewardship
  • social justice for all individuals regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation
  • a separation of church and state in the development of public policy and its implementation
  • support for a strong and equitable public education system
  • the right of every individual to affordable healthcare
  • an equitable, accountable election system where the right of every citizen to vote and to have that vote counted is honored
  • an open and transparent government that truly informs its citizens and supports discussion and consideration for opposing viewpoints
  • a foreign policy that advocates multilateralism and cooperation with other countries in the maintenance of U.S. security and world peace
  • preemptive war as a foreign policy is contrary to American and international law
  • a woman’s right to reproductive choice

SCPD supports women's rights

  • the right of labor to freely organize and participate in collective bargaining
  • the concept that a people’s right to dissent and to oppose policies they deem harmful to the common good is an essential ingredient of democracy
  • true patriotism requires three elements: a deep love of one’s country; a willingness to praise and defend its virtues; and the courage to recognize and correct its deficiencies.
  • a free and unencumbered media is essential to a fully functioning democracy, and that our media must be protected from political and corporate manipulation.
  • government has a responsibility to protect the public from unsafe and unfair practices and products.

Click here for our latest Strategic Plan.


President:                                                       Executive Vice President: 
Robert Gippin                                             Thomas Townsend

Administrative Vice President:                      Executive Secretary:
Sherrie Weitzenhof                                   Eddie Rice

Recording Secretary:                                     Treasurer:
Shammas Malik                                         Pete Zeigler

Assistant Treasurer:                                       Communications: 
Ellen Nischt                                                 Anthony Gomez

Issues:                                                            Campaign Support:
Valerie McKitrick                                      Sarah Rubens

Outreach:                                                      Fundraising
Edna Borders                                              Mike Wheeler

Linda Omobien
Pete Nischt
Tom Schmida